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Resources and Information on gender dysphoria

We usually suggest that parents try to find a therapist through either the ACP, psychoanalytic psychotherapists in the BPC Register, or to contact one of the several reputable training institutions such as the Institute of Psychoanalysis or the British Foundation for Psychotherapy. There has been a shift in the attitude of some therapists, who will use the 'affirmative model’ of care with GD children. Therefore we recommend asking any potential therapist about their attitude to treating GD and whether they will keep an open mind and explore without prejudice.

We also have the Family Consultation Service which is on the Evans Psychotherapy website

Here are a few useful resources- 

Society for Evidence Based Gender Medicine

www.transgendertrend.com - An organisation with evidence based research and discussion articles on education around gender dysphoria and trans issues etc.

https://safeschoolsallianceuk.net - An organisation looking at education surrounding trans issues.

www.bayswatersupport.org.uk - A parent support group in the UK.

If you are looking for support yourself, Stella O'Malley runs online groups for parents. You can learn more about these and contact her at her website www.genderdysphoriasupportnetwork.com 

A few papers we have written.


Why I Resigned from Tavistock


This is a video of the conference we ran on the ideas contained in our book. 


This is a chapter from our book